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Dani Sullivan commits to practicing cultural humility, sensitivity, and curiosity with all clients.

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Approach to Healing

Therapy is a gathering of imperfect humans who navigate the obstacles of our complex world together.

Intentions Therapy offers an online space for self-inquiry, exploration, and healing.

Using an interdisciplinary approach, Dani Sullivan tailors treatment to the unique needs of each client using these therapeutic approaches:

Regulate your nervous system after complex, developmental, or relational trauma

Neuro-Affective Relational Model (NARM)

Set the goals and pace of your healing, learn self-advocacy and center your voice and choice.  Intentions Therapy focuses on working with LGBTQIA+ clients and welcomes you as you are.

Inclusive + Client-Centered

Practice embodied wellness, breathe and release stress, integrate your mind and body

Somatic Mindfulness + Mind-Body Wellness

Understand the connection between thoughts, feelings, actions and experiences.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Learn to cope with emotional distress and crisis, build a coping skill 'toolkit'

Distress Tolerance (DBT)

Heal inner conflict, process and resolve early traumas as you consciously reparent your inner family

Parts Work (IFS)

Know you are more than the difficulties you face, gain control of your story and be an agent of change

Narrative Therapy

Explore the intersection of your identities and the impact of systems of oppression and marginalization on your life

Identity Informed Practice

Intentions Therapy works to center the needs of folks in marginalized bodies, identities and groups. Dani Sullivan is a queer therapist and social justice-oriented professional that strives to practice a non-pathologizing perspective. 

Intentions Therapy commits to interrupting systems of oppression including racism, ablism, discrimination and stigma through client empowerment, healing of intergenerational trauma, practicing radical compassion, non-judgement, and intentional relationship with self and other.


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