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Dani Sullivan, MSW, RCSWI

CEO and Founder, Intentions Therapy
Clinical Social Worker, Therapist and Educator


Meet Dani 

Hello, my name is Dani Sullivan, MSW, RCSWI. I am an educator, clinical social worker and the founder of Intentions Therapy. I am passionate about supporting individuals in self-healing and working torward collective liberation.

Long before I established Intentions Therapy, I studied Advocacy and Social Change at Loyola University Chicago. Learning as a student at University equipped me with skills to communicate, research,  advocate, and manage conflict; but that paled in comparison to the lived experiences of being in solidarity with my community.

Early in my career, I worked as a macro social worker - focusing on community advocacy, organizing for social change, and education. My work is rooted in a history of community organizing, storytelling, and demonstrating for community justice.  My advocacy and education efforts look different now that I operate as a therapist and clinical social worker, but the positive change and storytelling are here just the same. 

My clients are my equals and they are the experts in their own experience. I treat each person I meet with the inherent dignity and respect that they deserve. I started out in the field of social work with a focus on vulnerable populations, runaway and homeless youth, LGBTQIA+ students and emerging adults, community violence, and sex and gender justice. My work has always been about holding space for people to speak their truth and grow in solidarity with one another. I have immense gratitude that I am able to use these experiences to fuel inner and interpersonal healing and transformation in my life and the lives of those around me.

I established the Intentions Therapy Practice in 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Serving individual clients via teletherapy has since become even more widespread and this allows me the opportunity to work with clients throughout the state of Florida.  I am a clinical social worker equipped with a masters level education in clinical social work from Florida Atlantic University. I specialize in working with LGBTQIA+ folks, adults looking to deepen their self-relationship, individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, mood and attention issues, self-regulation, dysphoria, and developmental or complex trauma. To learn more about my therapeutic approach, see below.

In deep gratitude,

Dani Sullivan, MSW (they/them)


Dani Sullivan, MSW

Healing starts by meeting yourself in the present with acceptance and a desire to alleviate your own suffering.

My client's who find the most success in healing are the ones who are willing to engage in practicing new ways of living and are open to changing their mind.


My Approach to Healing

I commit to practicing cultural humility, sensitivity, and curiosity with all clients. I seek to provide a safe space for self-inquiry by holding space to be present with my clients. 

I pull from a variety of modalities and healing disciplines to cater treatment to the unique needs in focus.

I believe therapy is a gathering of imperfect humans who navigate the obstacles of our confusing world together.

Neuro-Affective Relational Model (NARM)

Regulate your nervous system after complex, developmental, or relational trauma

Interdisciplinary + Client-Centered

Set the goals and pace of your healing, learn self-advocacy and center your voice and choice

Somatic Mindfulness + Mind-Body Wellness

Practice embodied wellness, breathe and release stress, integrate your mind and body

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Understand the connection between thoughts, feelings, actions and experiences.

Distress Tolerance (DBT)

Learn to cope with emotional distress and crisis, build a coping skill 'toolkit'

Parts Work (IFS)

Heal inner conflict, process and resolve early traumas as you consciously reparent your inner family

Narrative Therapy

Know you are more than the difficulties you face, gain control of your story and be an agent of change

Identity Informed Practice

Explore the intersection of your identities and the impact of systems of oppression and marginalization on your life

Intentions Therapy works to center the needs of folks in marginalized bodies, identities and groups. I am a queer therapist and social justice-oriented professional that strives to practice a non-pathologizing perspective. 

I commit to interrupting systems of oppression including racism, ablism, discrimination and stigma. 

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