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Welcome Intentional Healing Into

Your world

You are deeply deserving of a liberated, embodied,

& expressive human experience. We all are. 

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Meet the CEO & Founder

Dani Sullivan, LCSW

Therapist. Educator. Social Worker. Author.

Hi, my name is Dani. I am the voice and heart behind Intentions Therapy. Thank you for being here.


I am a clinical social worker licensed in Florida and Illinois practicing trauma-informed, neurodivergent affirming and LGBTQIA+ inclusive therapy and coaching services. My roots are in storytelling, community care, restorative justice and creative self-expression.

My education and therapeutic practice focuses on identity, liberation, and embodiment.  If you are looking to heal in connection, you have found the right place and you are welcome as you are.

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Get the Support that is Right for You

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Individual Therapy & Coaching

Cultivate alignment, clarify your needs and grow in self-compassion. Explore the intersections of your identities and experience within an affirming therapeutic relationship.

Individual Therapy is available to clients in Florida and Illinois, Individual Coaching is available worldwide.

Neuroqueer Connections is a virtual group offering affirming community, support and perspective for those navigating the intersection of neurodivergence, queer identities and race. Learn more and apply today!


Group offering

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Relationship Therapy & Coaching

Nurture your relationships through growth and change. Find support and attunement in your relationships with friends, family, partners or significant others. Learn to communicate your boundaries with love and hold space for one another's desires.

Gain direction, clarity and security working with an interdisciplinary clinician and educator. Support your professional and creative goals through mentoring and consultation.

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Professional Consultation & Mentorship

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Schedule Your free consultation

Interested in services with Dani Sullivan, LCSW?

Ready to embrace healing with intention? 

I offer free 30 minute video consultations with potential new clients to discuss your goals, answer your questions and see if we are a good fit before jumping in!

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Order My First Book

Are you looking for clarity and alignment? Intention is a therapeutic guide to living with purpose, caring for your full self, and healing through values-based living. Full of quick, constructive exercises, journaling activities and reflective practices, Intention will help clarify your truth and manifest your desires.

Order your exclusive signed copy of Intention: 10 Ways to Manifest a More Purposeful Life by Dani Sullivan, LCSW directly from the authors library!

Intention was published in August 2023 by Welbeck and is widely available for purchase.

Get Your Healing Journey Started with my free resource bundle

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