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Rest is a Necessary Embodiment Practice
Grief as an Intentional Healing Process
Clarify your Intentions
We need one another - Lessons learned in healing relationship

Dani Sullivan, MSW, RCSWI

Human. Educator. Social Worker. Queer Healer.

Hi, my name is Dani. I am the voice and heart behind Intentions Therapy. 

I am a clinical social worker, practicing trauma-informed somatic therapy and relationship coaching. My roots are in storytelling, community organizing, and restorative justice. I do my best to practice sustainably, with embodiment in mind, and to care for myself while stewarding other neurodivergent and queer people like me in exploring their self, identity, experience, and desires in the container of a healing relationship.

Thank you for being here, and for supporting this work. Please check out our resources and articles available to support you on your self-healing journey.

Although I am no longer accepting new clients for Individual and Relationship sessions, please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram for updates on ways to work with me and be a part of this community.

To learn more about me and the work of Intentions Therapy, check out the About page.​

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The Intentions Therapy Practice is full and no longer accepting new clients.

We are working behind the scenes to continue to grow our available resources for self-healing and collective liberation. 

If you are interested in being a part of this work, please subscribe to our newsletter and you will be updated as we release new programs, articles, and offerings.

Intake for Individual and Relationship Services has been discontinued at this time. Keep up to date with our practice offerings using the buttons below.


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Intentions Therapy Virtual Services

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Individual Therapy

  • Explore your history, values, and goals.

  • Heal from trauma, shame and disconnection.

  • Process, heal and learn to cope in healthy ways.

  • Gain confidence to live your most authentic life.

  • Learn self-compassion and emotional regulation.

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Therapy for LGBTQIA+ Folks

  • Explore your gender and sexuality in an affirming environment.

  • Build self-acceptance, pride and resilience.

  • Unlearn patterns of shame and self-abandonment.

  • Find connection, independence, and belonging.

Image by Joseph Chan

Relationship Coaching

  • Nurture your relationships as you grow and change.

  • Feel attuned to and supported in your engagement with friends, family and significant others.

  • Gain healthy interdependence through communication and healthy boundaries.

  • Learn to hold space for each others needs and desires.

  • Heal in connection with yourself and others.