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Healing starts by meeting yourself in the present with acceptance and a desire to alleviate your own suffering. My client's who find the most success in healing are the ones who are willing to engage in practicing new ways of living and are open to changing their mind.

- Dani Sullivan

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"My Clients Are My Equals and They Are the Experts
in Their Own Experience."

Dani Sullivan, LCSW

CEO and Founder, Intentions Therapy
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Therapist and Author

Hello, my name is Dani Sullivan. I am a therapist, writer, clinical social worker and the founder of Intentions Therapy. I am a non-binary and multiply neurodivergent therapist licensed in Florida and Illinois. I am here to teach inner healing as a tool for collective liberation.


My educational and clinical social work centers the needs of people in marginalized bodies and identities while practicing from a non-pathologizing perspective. 

This means that I do not view groups of symptoms, behaviors, conditions and experiences as inherently abnormal, unhealthy and disordered. There is no inherent wrong or bad, just natural diversity. I see the full spectrum of humanity and we are as diverse, complex and abundantly creative as the natural world we come from.


I am passionate about embracing self-acceptance and attuning to the most vulnerable parts of self with radical compassion, non-judgement and dignity. My roots as a social worker are in storytelling, community organizing, and restorative justice. My work seeks to challenge narratives of division, separation, fear and hopelessness by holding space for people to embrace the fullness of their identity, expression and experience.


I teach folks from all walks of life to slow down, listen inwards, meet their body, and clarify a healing path through whatever stands in their way. Living with intention feels aligned, attuned, and grounded in the truth of our needs, ambitions, limitations, and circumstances.

My core values are diversity, self-respect, and dignified connection. I pull heavily from the Neuro-Affective Relational Model, Somatic Mindfulness and Identity-Based Healing through the lens of intersectional feminism, embodiment and collective liberation. 

My clients are my peers and they are the experts in their own experience. I treat each person I meet with the inherent dignity and respect that they deserve. I started out in the field of social work with a focus on vulnerable populations, runaway and homeless youth, LGBTQIA+ students and emerging adults, community violence, and sex and gender justice. My work has always been about holding space for people to speak their truth and grow in solidarity with one another. I have immense gratitude that I am able to use these lived experiences to fuel inner and interpersonal healing and transformation in my life and the lives of those around me.

I established the Intentions Therapy Practice in 2020 and have since developed a range of virtual services.  If you are looking to heal in connection, consider this your invitation.


I graduated summa cum laude from Loyola University Chicago with BA in Advocacy and Social Change, Peace and Conflict Studies, and I am equipped with a master of social work (MSW) from Florida Atlantic University. I am licensed as a Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the states of Florida and Illinois. I offer therapy to individuals that reside in FL or IL, and I offfer coaching services specialize in working with LGBTQIA+ adults looking to deepen their self-relationship, late discovering neurodivergent individuals, couples and folks healing from mood dysregulation, developmental or complex trauma. Learn more about my therapeutic approach,


In deep gratitude,

Dani Sullivan, LCSW (they/them)

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