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Indivdual Therapy
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Relationship Coaching

Nurture your relationships through change and development; Share your needs and desires; Improve communication, set healthy boundaries, and connect with one another.

Relationship Coaching Sessions begin with a free 30 min consultation with all members of the relationship collectively. The consult will be an introduction to Dani Sullivan, LCSW and the Intentions Therapy Practice. In this consult, you will discuss what led you to looking for relationship based services and your expectations and goals for the process.

Relationship Healing Services are available for romantic and sexual relationships, friendships, consensual non-monogamous relationships, and familial relationships. 

The Intentions Therapy Practice is Full & No Longer Accepting New Clients

We are working behind the scenes to continue to grow our available resources for self-healing and collective liberation. 

Intake for Individual and Relationship Services has been discontinued at this time. Keep up to date with our practice offerings using the buttons below.

Relationship Coaching

Relationship Healing Approach

Typically, the initial stage of Relationship Coaching involves a 4 session assessment process followed by treatment planning and recommendations. Coaching has a flexible structure to best attune to the needs of each unique relationship. 

This process and flexible and shifts as your relationship evolves. Sessions will be comprised of 1:1 meetings with Dani as well as sessions with all members of the relationship present. Dani Sullivan, MSW offers ongoing assessment, treatment planning, and recommendations for your relationship health throughout the process.

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Session 1, 55 Mins

All parties present. Discuss relationship's current status and goals for the process.

Session 3, 55 Mins

1:1 Meeting with additional members of relationship for individual relationship assessment and screening.

Session 2, 55 Mins

1:1 Meeting to discuss individual perspective and experience as well as screen for any clinical issues.

Session 4, 90 Mins

All parties present. Discuss relationship cycle, and history. Address individual and group readiness for ongoing relationship coaching, and share recommendations.

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