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Mission & Values

Intentions Therapy provides therapeutic services and educational resources to support those struggling with mental health concerns, emotional pain, mood disregulation, and trauma to build sustainable self care. We are dedicated to supporting vulnerable populations, including the LGBTQIA+ community, emerging adults, BIPOC individuals, and late-discovering neurodivergent adults.

Investing in connection, curiosity and authenticity, the work of Intentions Therapy goes beyond symptom reduction. With a focus on gaining insight into the patterns that repeat in our lives, relationships and world, we can work together to make sustainable change.  We believe that "As you heal yourself, you heal the world".

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Intentions Therapy's Resources Are Made with Accessibility and Sustainability in Mind.

Self-Care & Community Care




We're Fueled By the Complex Human Experience &
the Relationship Between Our...



Emotional Wellness


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You Are Welcome As You Are

Intentions Therapy is an inclusive private practice offering fully virtual mental health services and resources to support emotional wellness. Intentions Therapy was founded by Dani Sullivan, LCSW in 2020. Dani is a licensed therapist, author, and educator dedicated to providing neurodiversity and LGBTQIA+ affirming services.

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Embrace Your Sensitivity
& Self-Acceptance

Meet the Roseate Spoonbill and discover why this bird is the face of Intentions Therapy!

Self-Acceptance is at the core of our mission and vales. Read this article to learn more about embracing your differences and sensitivities with self compassion.

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Intentions Therapy values the relationship between individuals, communities and the Earth we live on.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the TequestaMiccosukeeSeminoleTaino and Mascogo Nations for allowing us to live, work and grow on their unceded territories.

Intentions Therapy offers virtual services worldwide, and.  therapy throughout the states of Florida and Illinois. Our office is located on unceded native land in South Florida. Education and acknowledgement of Native land can support us all in better understanding the land we live on. offers an online and mobile platform where users can interact with maps of Indigenous territories, treaties, and languages, and locate themselves and their favorite places on the map. Use the buttons below to reach the Native Land site or to access the Native Land Education Guide.

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