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Intentions Therapy is fully virtual. All therapy and coaching sessions are hosted by Dani Sullivan, LCSW securely through online telehealth software.


Individual Therapy is available to clients who reside in Florida and Illinois.

Coaching Services are offered worldwide.

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Individual Therapy & Coaching

Cultivate alignment, clarify your needs and grow in self-compassion. Explore the intersections of your identities and experience within an affirming therapeutic relationship.

Individual Therapy is available to clients in Florida and Illinois, Individual Coaching is available worldwide.

Neuroqueer Connections is a virtual group offering affirming community, support and perspective for those navigating the intersection of neurodivergence, queer identities and race. Learn more and apply today!


Group offering

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Relationship Coaching

Nurture your relationships through growth and change. Find support and attunement in your relationships with friends, family, partners or significant others. Learn to communicate your boundaries with love and hold space for one another's desires.

Gain direction, clarity and security working with an interdisciplinary clinician and educator. Support your professional and creative goals through mentoring and consultation.

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Professional Consultation

Are you Interested in Working with Intentions Therapy? 

Reach out for therapy and coaching services with Dani Sullivan, LCSW following the button below.

Get started with a free consultation and begin welcoming intentional healing into your life.

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