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Create Positive Change

Are you looking for direction, clarity, and a space to cultivate self awareness and positive change? Professional Consultation with Dani Sullivan is available through Intentions Therapy.


Dani consults with professionals in a variety of fields who seek out their unique perspective, interdisciplinary approach, and lived experience as a neurodivergent clinician, a queer and trans therapist, and an intentional educator.

If you are a clinical professional, care worker, educator, creative, or service organization seeking consultation with Dani Sullivan, here is the place to start.

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Indivdual Therapy
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Intentions Therapy has Limited Availability 

Professionals interested in consultation, please email Dani Sullivan, LCSW directly at

If you are interested in therapy services, consider joining a group. Please use the buttons below to find out about new programs, articles, and offerings.

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Know you are not alone in navigating the complex interplay of identity, healing, and embodiment.


Reach out for support today! 

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