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Intention is available for pre-order!

Pre-ordering and purchasing this book directly from Dani Sullivan is the best way to support the author. 

"Intention: 10 Ways to Manifest a More Purposeful Life" is a hardcover book written by Dani Sullivan, LCSW and published and commissioned by Wellbeck Publishing.


Unlock the power of living with intention through this therapeutic guide. Live each day with foresight, concentrating on your goals and the tangible steps you can take to reach them. Through quick, constructive exercises, journaling activities and reflective practices, this text is the perfect guide to living with clarity. Learn to uncover what it is you truly want, set clear intentions, and access a more authentic life.

Order your copy of "Intention" today to get an exclusive signed copy!

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If you pre-order or purchase Intention on this site, you will receive your copy directly from the author's library via mail once the book is available in early August 2023.

Pre-ordering and purchasing Intention

directly from Dani Sullivan, LCSW

cuts out the middle man and is

the best way to support the author.


All books ordered through this

site will be signed by the author.

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