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Individual Therapy

Explore your history, values, and goals; process, heal and learn to cope in healthy ways; gain confidence and self-compassion to live your most authentic life.

Are you finding yourself getting in your own way? Do you need support identifying  what you want most for yourself and how to get moving forward? If you’re looking for quality Individual Therapy sessions with a Mental Health Provider that gets it, then you’ve come to the right place. I provide my Individual therapy clients with ongoing assessment, trauma-informed support, and clinical therapeutic treatment to help them heal.

My clients come from far & wide, but what they all have in common is that despite their fears, they work towards connection, growth & presence. We all have different goals and experiences, and these experiences can be explored and harnessed to make change in our lives. 

Working with individuals through Intentions Therapy is my hearts passion. I believe that as we become experts in our own internal worlds, we learn to regulate ourselves and grow in tolerance of everything life throws at us.  I specialize in serving adults, women and survivors of abuse, and developmental trauma, highly sensitive people, LGBTQIA+ folks, people who feel “stuck” in patterns of shame and disconnection & anyone struggling to move in the direction of their goals.

Use the button below to apply for a free consultation with Dani Sullivan, MSW and see what Intentions Therapy has to offer. Healing starts here. 

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Shift your Mindset.