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Shift Your Mindset

Explore your history, values, and goals; process, heal and learn to cope in healthy ways; gain confidence and self-compassion to live your most authentic life.

I specialize in serving adults, women and survivors of abuse, and developmental trauma, highly sensitive people, LGBTQIA+ folks, people who feel “stuck” in patterns of shame and disconnection & anyone struggling to move in the direction of their goals.

$250/1.5 HR
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Indivdual Therapy
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The Intentions Therapy Practice is Full & No Longer Accepting New Clients

Intake for Individual and Relationship Services has been discontinued at this time. If you are seeking healing relationships, consider joining a group!


Keep up to date with our practice offerings using the buttons below.

Looking For An Individual Therapist?

Although I am not accepting individual clients at this time, remember that attuned support is out there! Here are some of the places you can look for 1:1 care:

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Identify Your Goals

& Intentions

Use the intention clarification worksheet

to identify your focus, needs, and goals!

Find 1:1 Support


Explore Group Services

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