Therapeutic Services

Intentions Therapy is fully virtual. All therapy and coaching sessions are conducted securely through online telehealth software. Therapy Services are offered throughout the state of Florida. Coaching Services are offered everywhere.

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Individual Therapy

Explore your history, values, and goals. Process your experiences, heal and learn to cope in healthy ways. Break cycles of fear and embrace self-care. Build confidence and self-compassion to live your most authentic life.

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LGBTQIA+ Therapy

Build self-acceptance, pride and resilience. Explore your gender and sexuality in an affirming environment.
Unlearn patterns of shame, fear and self-abandonment. Find connection, independence, and belonging.

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Relationship Coaching

Nurture your relationships as you grow and change. Find support and attunement in your Relationships with friends, family and significant others.
Gain healthy interdependence through communication and boundaries. Learn to hold space for each others needs and desires.

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