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Have you been looking for healing?

I ask myself frequently, "what is healing?", "what does it feel like to be healing as we move through life?", and I enjoy trying out different answers to this question. I love to explore ideas, and I do this daily with my clients. It is much less about the answer to these questions, but the inquiry itself. So, as I have moved through my career, the means of asking about healing has changed and so have the answers. We have grown and learned and healed nonetheless.

Healing enters our lives in many ways. It can be as simple as connection - realizing that we can allow ourselves to connect to our bodies, our environments, our people, even after disconnection. Healing can come in the form of presence, the feeling of not being alone, and knowing that we can 'sit with' whatever comes our way. I have learned, over time, that healing isn't something easily identifiable, it morphs and has energy just like us, it isn't pretty and can't be wrapped up in colored paper and tied with a bow.

Healing is about growing in tolerance. It is about looking at the parts of ourselves, our experiences, our past that are complex, unruly, and challenging. It is about shifting in relationship to certain things in our life. When I think to myself about my clients, and the healing I see in them on a daily basis, I think about their ability to say "wow, this is how I have carried myself through life so long. I don't need the shame any more. I may still have a hard time, but I don't need to punish myself and I don't have to relate to the challenges with distress any longer."

We all have these capacities inside us: for grounding, independence, presence, ease. Know that we can find ourselves growing in our capacity to experience health and aliveness. If you are looking for healing and not sure where to start, reach out to me. I am moved by my family's and my own healing from trauma, disease, and disruption. Healing doesn't always look and feel the same, but it can enter your experience with intention.


Dani Sullivan welcomes you to Intentions Therapy. Let's heal together.

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