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Intention Clarification

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Are you needing clarity or seeking direction?

Do you need space to clarify your intentions and get centered before moving forward?

Look no further…


Option 1: Pull out your journal and follow the exercise below.

Option 2: The questions in this clarification worksheet can be processed with any person you trust. Happy Intention Setting!

This exercise follows four main themes:

  1. Focus - what do I need to be focusing on? what we focus on expands.

  2. Needs - what do I need right now? Identifying our short and long term needs is fundamental.

  3. Goals - what changes do I want to make? Set clear goals with sustainability as a cornerstone.

  4. Drive - Where do I find purpose, motivation, and fuel. What lights me up?

Take your time working through the questions in each section

Your intention is at the heart of your work. By clarifying your focus, needs, and goals, you accept the realities of your current life. —Dani Sullivan, MSW

Meet the creator: Dani Sullivan, MSW

Hello, my name is Dani. I am the founder and CEO of Intentions Therapy. I am a human first and therapist second.

As a clinical social worker, I have worked with individuals, families, and communities, with a vast array of human experience. This is why I love being a social worker. I have professional experience in these systems:

  • school and education

  • criminal justice

  • victim advocacy

  • community organizing

  • dependency court

  • street outreach

  • addiction treatment

  • mental health

While operating in crisis intervention and acute environments, I would work with my clients on shorter terms and the focus was on their immediate needs. Identifying ones needs is a fundamental part of healing. I wanted to make space for a needs check in no matter who my client was or why we were meeting.

Working with students in inner city schools as an advocate and educator was challenging work to do without clarifying my intentions, understanding my focus, and setting actionable goals.

Early in my career, I learned how to direct my compassion, attune to immediate needs and cultivate security in relationship with those I worked with. I hope you can carry this attitude into the Intention Clarification Exercise for yourself.

Engagement in this work has given me the skills required to assess short and long term treatment goals, get to the heart of what we need, and set intention in my work with individuals, couples, families, groups, and communities.

I created this Intention Clarification worksheet to be used with my therapy and coaching clients in my Intentions Therapy Practice. This is a resource to be shared and is free to use for anyone wishing to get clarity.

Why is clarifying intention so important?

With intention and attention anything can happen. If we take time to consciously connect with our most present self, listen inward, and focus on what matters - we stand in alignment with our SELF.

Having clear intention will set you on a path where you feel aligned. Your focus, needs, goals, and drive are connected and if you take time to integrate these elements, it is surprising how much can be done!

This is one of the first exercises I have my clients work on at the start of treatment. Use it as an opportunity to connect with your current truth and get clear on what you want for your life moving forward.

Set Intentions for Joy, Abundance,Healing, and Connection.


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