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Be A Trans Ally! Simple Ways to Advocate for Trans People

Thank you for being here to learn more about ways you can use your voice to advocate for trans folks.

Advocacy is simple, when you start small. Focus on your current relationships, and the places you find support and community. Educate yourself on how to do better, and then educate your people.

Start conversations about Trans inclusion.

Open dialogues with friends, neighbors, and local businesses.

There is real power in advocating for good using your 1:1 relationships.

Being an ally isn't something you need training with, you can start right now.

Here are a few simple things you can do to increase Trans visibility, promote safety and inclusion for Transgender and gender non conforming folks:

Simple ways to support Trans people, increase LGBTQIA inclusion, and promote safety and visibility:

  • Believe and protect Trans youth when they share their experience. Respect their choices to explore and express and find community.

  • Pronoun competency goes a long way and is easy to learn! Practice including preferred pronouns on forms, name tags, intake documents, and anywhere you are asking someone for their name!

  • Share your pronouns before asking someone theirs. Teach this to your kids, your parents, your classmates, your coworkers, your neighbors, your spiritual leaders, your stubborn uncle.

  • Educate yourself on trans issues, including the right to bodily autonomy, access to healthcare, and threats to our safety.

  • Keep teaching LGBTQIA+ history and comprehensive sexual education in schools. See where the education system is failing our young people and fill in the gaps. Buy books on gender, race, body image, sexual health, and neurodiversity.

  • Support local bookstores dedicated to critical literacy, like Rohi's Readery in their education programs. If you find great resources, share them. The revolution must have resources.

  • Promote Queer inclusion in schools: Students, teachers and parents at every level of education can speak with school staff and administrators to advocate for the implementation of affirming supports and Transgender and LGBTQIA+ inclusion in school environments.

  • Advocate for trans inclusive spaces wherever you go - public spaces, restaurants, libraries, stores, etc. (hanging a flag, pronoun competency, and simple employee trainings goes a long way to invite queer folks to feel welcome and safe).

  • Ask for all gender restrooms in your favorite spaces. Ask your church, your temple, your favorite book store, your local target. Advocate for all gender restrooms now. Do it before you know a trans person is there and in distress.

  • Keep abortions safe and legal for all people. Promote LGBTQIA+ and Trans competence in all sexual health reproductive healthcare clinics.

  • Make Trans affirming healthcare accessible and safe. Invest in your local health clinics providing OB/GYN services, sexual health service, reproductive healthcare, and trans affirming therapies.

  • Hire trans folks, especially trans people of color! Practicing LGBT inclusion in the workforce infuses your business with creativity. Employ Non-binary and gender non conforming staff. Understand pronouns enough not to misgender them.

  • Invest in Queer and Trans futures! Give scholarships, offer creative opportunities, get young and old queer people involved in your work, your community projects, and your passions.

  • Use whatever power you have, in your life, spaces, and relationships to interrupt systemic oppression, white supremacy, ableism and the cis-hetero-patriarchy. ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

We all have the power to make our world a bit friendlier to Transgender people!

Challenge yourself to complete one or two items on this list in the next week.

Please share your experiences with trans allyship! Comment creative ways you make your world and work more trans friendly.

Be A Trans ALLY by continuing your education on Trans Issues.

Here are my favorite Trans Inclusive Resources and Creators:

Check out additional trauma informed and queer inclusive resources on this blog to begin your self-healing journey today!

Thanks for tuning in! Thank you for your support of the Trans and LGBTQ community.

In solidarity,

Dani Sullivan

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